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The Connection with Mexico


North America is home to three countries and today´s borders are relatively recent. Look at this map of 1812.
Alta California (English: Upper California) was a province and territory in the Viceroyalty of New Spain and later a territory and department in independent Mexico. The territory was created in 1769 out of the northern part of the former province of Las Californias, and consisted of the modern American states of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, western Colorado and southwestern Wyoming. The territory passed to American control after the Mexican–American War and ceased to exist with the creation of the State of California in 1850. ( Refer to Wikipedia)

Source for the map
Generations of people have changed the landscape a great deal, population size and the gap between rich and poor has grown exponentially.  Solutions for today´s problems are out there, and we believe the Sierra Gorda is an important model for rural mountain living anywhere.



“Here in the Sierra Gorda we know that it is not convenient to do away with the trees; with my
85 years I can tell you that over time I have seen that where there are woods there are springs and there is life.  The youth go to the [USA] to seek fortune and when they come back they don’t know how or they don’t want to work the fields.

Our region requires knowledge, awareness and roots, we have to conserve a love for the Earth that gave birth to us, because if we as Serranos don’t do something for this land, others aren’t going to do it either.”

A testimony by Don Teodomiro Benítez, resident.                                

Sierra Gorda: A green jewel in Central Mexico.
Photographic  exposition by Fulvio Eccardi 

Viva Sierra Gorda supports projects that demonstrate the necessity of bottom-up solutions to benefit people and nature. Turn poverty around and connect with rural communities creating a biosphere with a future.

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 “And so [Sierra Gorda] was a revelation to me: a cloud forest of majestic oaks, cedars and firs a hundred feet tall, draped with mosses and spangled with bromeliads – a soaring, humbling place.  This is the real treasure of the Sierra Madre.” Scott Weidensaul, Return to Wild America: a yearlong search for the continents natural soul. © 2005. 


Viva Sierra Gorda is a project of   Earth Island Institute.